July 29

Mediation program raises Palo Alto’s ‘Mellow/Yelp’ Score

We are lucky to live in Palo Alto where the weather is sublime and the restaurants are superb. There is more to Palo Alto’s reputation for being a wonderful place to live or work. Take, for example, Palo Alto’s Mellowness. What helps make it a mellow place to live is the Palo Alto Mediation Program..

May 9

Developing The Corporate Community Connection

Palo Alto’s boards and commissions and nonprofit community organizations (such as the Palo Alto YMCA) could use more involvement from corporate bigwigs. Get a few more of these well-connected people serving on our boards and commissions or linking us to the corporate culture and we will be in Fat City instead of lean times. We.

October 6

Political Coverage in The Media

In my last column I expressed my opposition to litmus tests for candidates seeking appointment to the Palo Alto Human Relations Commission. But some litmus tests are worthwhile, such as those silly little chemical paper tabs that turn blue or pink — much like states on a simplistic “Who’s ahead?” TV campaign map. A presidential.

May 12

Intergenerational Isolation

The Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard wrote: “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” Three of us, each from a different generation, recently tried to understand life a little better by looking backwards to determine why there seems to be so much isolation between generations. We met to plan ways to.