Jeffrey P. Blum’s family law litigation and negotiation practice encompasses the following areas:

Child and spousal support:

Determining appropriate child and spousal support amounts frequently requires expert analysis. Jeffrey P. Blum has a thorough understanding of the statutes, court cases and on the workings of the computer program bearing on these issues. Some of the issues that arise in the support context include determining what constitutes income, how fluctuating income is addressed, what constitutes a long term marriage for spousal support purposes, what factors are used in determining long term spousal support and how the marriage standard of living is determined.

Property division:

Most people understand the general concept of community property. However, frequently divorce cases require the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney since there are usually at least a few property issues that do not lend themselves to easy analysis and resolution. These property related issues can include characterizing property as separate and community, valuing community assets, determining separate property reimbursement claims where a separate property contribution is made to the acquisition of community property, valuing business interests, tracings where community and separate property funds are commingled and ascertaining and dividing unique community assets such as vacation pay and sick pay benefits, airlines miles, life insurance with cash surrender value and patents, copyrights and trademarks.

Restraining orders:

Unfortunately, domestic violence is a fact of life. When it occurs along with a divorce the victimized spouse is at a distinct disadvantage unless he or she obtains protection from the abuser. It is extremely important to have an attorney with knowledge, experience and insight to know the best way to approach these highly emotionally charged and difficult issues, particularly when minor children are also involved. Jeffrey P. Blum has handled restraining order cases for many years.