July 29

Mediation program raises Palo Alto’s ‘Mellow/Yelp’ Score

We are lucky to live in Palo Alto where the weather is sublime and the restaurants are superb. There is more to Palo Alto’s reputation for being a wonderful place to live or work. Take, for example, Palo Alto’s Mellowness. What helps make it a mellow place to live is the Palo Alto Mediation Program..

January 9

Helping Children Attend College

I have been working hard recently to pay college tuition for my two daughters. During a reflective slowdown over the holidays, I realized that I feel fortunate to have a lucrative job that allows me to live comfortably and save money to finance my daughters’ higher education, given the economic times. Every day we hear.

May 9

Developing The Corporate Community Connection

Palo Alto’s boards and commissions and nonprofit community organizations (such as the Palo Alto YMCA) could use more involvement from corporate bigwigs. Get a few more of these well-connected people serving on our boards and commissions or linking us to the corporate culture and we will be in Fat City instead of lean times. We.

November 9

Responding To Acts of Intolerance

As a member of the Palo Alto Human Relations Commission I developed some protocols for the commission and the community relating to how best to respond to verbal or other acts of intolerance. I now find myself applying them not just locally but to state and even national incidents — where they apply equally well..