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    Mediation and Mediation Consulting

    Mediation is an alternative to litigation. Most mediated cases settle with the assistance of an experienced, impartial and trained mediator who facilitates the mediation process. Divorce is often an emotionally charged and highly complex process. If you are considering mediating your divorce case it is essential that you hire a mediator who knows all aspects of family law, is sensitive to potential power imbalances between spouses and sensitive to cultural differences and is up to date with trends in family law courts. You also want a mediator who you feel completely comfortable with. In the divorce context you want to hire a mediator who is trustworthy and compassionate. Mr. Blum’s trustworthiness and compassion is evidenced by the fact that he has been an attorney in good standing for many years, a long time member of the local community and a volunteer in the local schools and elsewhere, including as a commissioner on the Palo Alto Human Relations Commission for 6 years.

    I have served as a Private Judge and arbitrated disputes in all aspects of family law. Call me today at (650) 823-9959 for a consultation.

    Jeffrey Blum

    Where possible and where the parties will have an ongoing relationship with one another notwithstanding the fact they are divorcing, such as if they have children together or will continue to own a business or property together, Mr. Blum applies his transformative mediation skills. A goal of transformative mediation is to improve the relationship between divorcing spouses. Where it is appropriate to apply it, transformative mediation can work in conjunction with the facilitative mediation process which focuses on resolving the underlying divorce related issues such as concerning the division of property, child custody issues and support related issues. Transformative mediation emphasizes the concepts of empowerment and recognition.

    About the author

    Jeffrey P. Blum is one of the top family law mediators in the San Francisco Bay Area. He offers a free brief consultation to allow parties to determine whether they feel comfortable with hiring him to mediate their case.

    Mr. Blum’s mediation background includes the following:

    Approximately 26 years of experience as a family law mediator;

    Instructor at Stanford University on mediation in their continuing education program;

    Lecturer to professional and business groups on mediation;

    Published author of articles on mediation;

    Co-creator of a mediation referral panel for the Palo Alto Area Bar Association;

    Volunteer mediator for the City of Palo Alto;

    Mediator for the San Mateo County Alternate Dispute Resolution Family Law referral panel.

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