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    Mediation is an alternative to litigation. Most mediated cases settle with the assistance of an experienced, impartial and trained mediator who facilitates the mediation process. Mr. Blum’s trustworthiness and compassion is evidenced by the fact that he has been an attorney in good standing for many years, is a long time member of the local community, and volunteers in the local schools and elsewhere (including as a commissioner on the Palo Alto Human Relations Commission for 6 years!). Contact Jeffrey Blum for a free mediation consultation today!


    Arbitration is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). ADR is an alternative form of resolving legal matters. Arbitration offers you an impartial third person to resolve your legal dispute and is an effective, less expensive way of keeping parties out of court. Mr. Blum has served as a Private Judge and arbitrated disputes in all aspects of family law.

    Private Judging

    Mr. Blum has served as a Private Judge and arbitrated disputes in all aspects of family law. A Private Judge can resolve cases with less delay and expense than occurs through the court system. You are able to set hearings right away, have your hearings heard immediately, obtain detailed and enforceable orders that are less likely to require modification, and streamline the dissolution of marriage proceedings. You can also have more control over the process, with the opportunity to modify the traditional approach to proceedings in cases where all parties agree.


    Mr. Blum has over 42 years of experience handling divorce cases. According to recent statistics, about one in four marriages will survive in California. Recessions come and go. Divorces increasingly come. Divorces can cause displacement and the people embroiled in divorce are often forced to relocate, impacting the local real estate market through more frequent property turnovers and higher rents. Schools, our child care centers, and local charitable organizations that are already financially strapped must deal with increased needs arising from broken families.

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